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Written By Charlotte Friborg
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In This Book I Teach Working Moms  How To  Live A Life With Fulfillment In Career and Personal Life

You will learn how to:
  • Make a quick assessment of your entire life. A great tool before making certain life decisions (Page 4)

  • Identify the Universal Principles that will help you make changes and create a fulfilled life. (Page 21)

  • Seek more abundance and feelings of self-value when life is against you. (Page 25)

  • Know your value if you ever doubt yourself  (Page 30)

  • Work with the Law of Attraction to not have to work as hard to get what you want. (page 32)

  • Integrate and stick with success habits for a better life. (Page 47)

  • Find more balance and receive more of what you want in life (page 55)

  • Manifest a job beyond anything you ever dreamed was possible. (Page 76)

....and so much more

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"She’s a deliverer of keys to a much more expansive life.”

Marianne Williamson, 7-times New York Times Bestselling Author

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Hi, I'm Charlotte Friborg.


I'm a Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Certified NLP Master Practitioner, specializing in therapy and communication. 

I also wrote and published two bestselling books, Make Your Own Money Again and Fulfilled Working Mom.

I help moms like you let go of guilt, stress, and feelings of being pulled in all directions to ultimately live a life with fulfillment both personally and in your career. The results my clients get include more confidence and flexibility in a world where we do not know what tomorrow brings. 

I was born in Denmark and moved to the U.S. in 2006 with my family.  Besides being the CEO of my own business, I enjoy hanging out with my family, friends, my dog Maggie, and cat Buster. The ocean and nature are my favorite places to be. I also enjoy interior decorating, painting abstract for relaxation, cooking healthy food, reading books, and listening to inspiring podcasts.

Vibeke Lind

"Charlotte has given me insights about myself which helps me both in my career and at home. I now dive into work with a focus on what I can do, instead of focusing on what I can’t do. If you have doubts in yourself, Charlotte can help you to become more confident”.

Marianne Williamson

“Reading this book feels like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders - the weight of all the beliefs we hold, conscious or unconscious, that this or that is just not possible. Friborg illumines simple tools of consciousness that break through limiting thoughts you might have held onto for years, opening up a world of possibilities that flow freely once we do."

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